Custom Foam

In order to provide the maximum level of protection and cost efficiency, often the best solution for custom packaging is foam. Customers from a broad array of industries rely on us at AFP, Inc. for our polyethylene, polyurethane, EPS, and a variety of other foam packaging. From engineering and design to manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution, we provide custom foam products that offer cost effective, flexible protection.

Polyethylene foam is one of the most popular choices for cushioning. Its closed cell foam provides an exceedingly high protection-to-cost ratio, making it one of the most effective and economical packaging options on the market. AFP, Inc. offers both virgin and recycled PE foam (minimum 65% recycled content) and recycling services for maximum sustainability.

Padded Lighting Equipment
Padded Lighting Equipment

We also produce a great deal of polyurethane foam packaging solutions. This material is an open-cell foam and is useful for packaging light or fragile products, mostly due to its low density. It is available in an array of colors and in an anti-static varieties.

Expanded polystyrene, also known as EPS, is one of the best-known foam solutions in the industry. Better known as Styrofoam, EPS is used heavily in the construction industry and for a full range of additional products.

Efficiency and quality are very important to us. We help ensure maximum efficiency for our customers with programs that include just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing, vendor-managed inventory (VMI), and Kanban services. Our facilities includes a substantial delivery fleet to ensure packaging arrives when it is needed. Our quality system is based off ISO 9001:2008 standard and meet or exceed the standards of the Institute of Packaging Professionals and the AICC.

For more information about our polyethylene, polyurethane, and EPS foam products, please see the following chart or contact us directly.

Custom Foam Highlights

General Capabilities
Packaging Design
Packaging Development
Packaging Test
Foam Fabrication
JIT (Just-In-Time)
VMI (Vendor-Managed Inventory)
Polyethylene Foam
Closed-cell foam offers one of the highest protection to cost ratios, making it a popular cushioning choice. AFP worked with Sealed Air to bring a minimum of 65% recycled content varieties to market
Virgin and Anti-Static material available
Polyurethane Foam
Open-cell foam is useful when packaging very light or fragile products as it can be manufactured with a very low density.
Anti-Static material and a variety of colors also available
Mil C material, Rigid Urethane, ELE, and Ester also available
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
Also known as Styrofoam is useful for blocking and bracing
A well-known foam solution for a variety of products in the construction industry
Secondary Services Offered
Kitting Services (combining 2 products together as an offer)
Package Design
Component Sourcing
Drop Shipping
Rework/Redesign Services
Drop Trailer Programs
Lead Times Available
Determined on job by job basis

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Commercial Products
Oil and Gas
Solar Product Manufacturing
Electronic Components
Food and Beverage
Semiconductor Equipment
Industry Contract Packaging Standards/Certifications
Quality system based off ISO 9001:2008 Standard
Testing Capabilities and Standards
Vibration Testing
Shock Testing
Compression Testing
ISTA & ASTM Product Package Test Protocols
Lean Manufacturing
Six Sigma Methodology